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IJAVET Call for Papers


CALL FOR PAPERS Mission of IJAVET: The mission of the International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (IJAVET) is to advance the understanding, practice, and research within career and technical education (CTE), adult education, and technology. IJAVET delivers high quality academic articles that are engaging, thought provoking, participative, and reflective spanning a wide spectrum of related issues. Providing original and creative ideas based on results of research, this journal employs a variety of methods and approaches, including (but not limited to) quantitative and qualitative analysis. Indices of IJAVET: Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts (ASSIA) Bacon's Media Directory Cabell's Directories [...]

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IJAVET Call for Papers: Social Justice and Human Rights


International Journal of Adult Education and Technology (IJAVET) Call for Papers Topic: Social Justice and Human Rights Adult education has a long history of addressing issues of social justice and human rights, including the Antigonish Movement in Canada and the Highlander Folks School in the United States. In recent decades, we have tended to forget our adult education roots as we strive to meet the needs of learners and also the needs of business and industry. This is what Stephen Brookfield objected to in his 1986 book, Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning, when he suggested that educators were becoming automatons responding [...]

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