Carrie Boden McGill, Ph.D.
Texas State University

Recorded: Research to Practice Conference, November 2015 in Norman, OK.

Total Time: 30:42

Short Bio:

Professor Dr. Boden-McGill is the former Chair of the Department of Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership Studies at Texas State University. Before joining Texas State University, Dr. Boden-McGill worked extensively with undergraduate and graduate adult students in her roles as Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the Master of Adult Education Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Associate Professor and Director of the Program for Adult College Education at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. In her spare time, Dr. Boden-McGill enjoys outdoor activities, live music, traveling, and spending time with her family, pets, and friends.

Dr. Boden-McGill’s research is primarily focused in the areas of teaching and learning strategies, mentoring, transformative learning, and personal epistemological beliefs. She has presented papers in over 25 states and foreign countries and published articles in journals such as Adult Learning Quarterly, The International Journal of Learning, and National Teacher Education Journal. Dr. Boden McGill’s book, Pathways to Transformation: Learning in Relationship, co-edited with Dr. Sola Kippers, was featured in the New York, Boston, and Philadelphia editions of Metro newspapers. Her books, Conversations about Adult Learning in Our Complex World and Developing and Sustaining Adult Learners, were co-edited with Dr. Kathleen P. King, and her latest book, Building Sustainable Futures for Adult Learners, was co-edited with Stephen B. Springer and Jennifer K. Holtz.

Dr. Boden-McGill has designed and taught courses in traditional, hybrid, and online formats, and she has developed and overseen the implementation of several online program initiatives. Dr. Boden-McGill has been recognized for her work with awards such as the Distinguished Teaching Fellowship from the Academy of Teaching and Learning Excellence and the Sister Cities International Award for Technology and Innovation. In service to the profession, Dr. Boden-McGill is a Director on the Board for the Adult Higher Education Alliance and a Special Interest Group Chair for the Commission of Professors of Adult Education.


Questions Asked:

-How did you get started in Adult Education? -0:05
-What makes Adult Education unique? -3:12
-What contributions have made the most impact? -4:27
-Tell us about your writing process. -11:04
-What books would you recommend? -13:37
-Where do Adult Education program fit into Higher Ed? -17:55
-How can students apply what they learn in Adult Education? -22:13
-Why is Adult Education important to you? -27:05