Dear Colleagues,
I would like to share with you information on my forthcoming book. See also the attached flyer.  Please share with your students and colleagues. Multilingual Matters, the publisher, is running a promotion until the end of January in which all titles are 50% off.  You can access their website at:

Latino immigrant youth and interrupted schooling: Dropouts, Dreamers and Alternative Pathways to College.
The focus of this volume are students who will be familiar to many in the adult literacy community — young adults  who circumvented or were pushed out of high schools and are now using adult ed as a springboard to complete school and move on to college and improved work opportunities.
The volume offers an innovative look at the pre- and post-migration educational experiences of immigrant young adults with a particular focus on members of the Latino community. Combining quantitative data with original interviews, this book provides an engaging and nuanced look at a population that is both ubiquitous and overlooked, challenging existing assumptions about those categorized as ‘dropouts’ and closely examining the historical contexts for educational interruption in the chosen subgroup. The combination of accessible prose and compelling new statistical data appeals to a wide audience, particularly academic professionals, education practitioners and policy-makers.

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Marguerite Lukes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Education and Language Acquisition
City University of New York
LaGuardia Community College