Alex Charters, Ph.D.

Syracuse University

Recorded: Research to Practice Conference, November 2015 in Norman, OK.

Total Time: 55:00

Short Bio: (Hall of Fame Member)

As Dean and Vice President at Syracuse University, Alexander Charters developed a comprehensive array of learning opportunities for adults. In addition to programming for adults, he worked to enhance theory and practice in the field of adult education. The Adult and Continuing Education Research Collection at Syracuse University, probably the largest and most comprehensive collection of English language materials on Adult Education in the world, was developed under his leadership. In 1967, he also chaired the advisory committee that led to the establishment of the first Education Resources in Continuing Education Center (ERIC) clearinghouse in Adult Education at Syracuse University. Primarily for this accomplishment, he received the Pioneer Award from the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education in 1980.

He was elected President of the Association of University Evening Colleges, President of the National University Extension Association, served as a delegate to the UNESCO International Conference on Adult Education in Tokyo in 1972, was a founding Board member of the International Council for Adult Education, and the International Congress of University Adult Education as well as founding President of the International Society for Comparative Adult Education, and chair of the 1969 Galaxy Conference of Adult Education Organizations.


Questions Asked:

  1. How did you get started in Adult Education? -0:05
  2. Tell us about your early career. -11:05
  3. Tell us about Syracuse. -17:33
  4. Tell us about the Charters Library at Syracuse. -29:48
  5. What is your advice for Adult Education students? -35:10
  6. What roles do Community Centers play in Adult Education? -42:37
  7. How can students access the Charters Library at Syracuse? -47:03
  8. How can students apply what they learn in Adult Education? -17:10