Throughout AHEA history, we have been committed to serving adult educators, and the AHEA Book Series emerged from that desire to serve. We are honored to have been the vehicle through which many authors and editors have influenced the world.

In so many ways, the pandemic has created an opportunity for reflection. As we have reflected on the future of the book series, we are moving away from sponsoring a book on a once-a-year cycle to a model where we will consider book proposals as they are presented to us.

We are excited about this schedule change. It will potentially allow us to consider more proposals while ensuring that the books we sponsor are of high quality and relevant to your work. In addition, this gives us the flexibility to shape our conference themes around a wider variety of topics.

To submit a proposal, contact Dr. Kathy Peno, AHEA Book Series Editor, at

Enriching the Adult Learner’s Experience in Higher Education

Edited by: Patricia Coberly-Holt

Teaching and Learning for Adult Skill Acquisition: Applying the Dreyfus and Dreyfus Model in Different Fields (Adult Learning in Professional, Organizational, and Community Settings)

Edited by: Elaine M. Silva Mangiante, Kathy Peno, Associate Editor: Jane Northup

Advancing the Global Agenda for Human Rights, Vulnerable Populations, and Environmental Sustainability:

Adult Education as Strategic Partner

Edited by: Mary Alfred, Petra A. Robinson, Elizabeth A. Roumell

Trauma in Adult and Higher Education: Conversations and Critical Reflections

Edited by: Laura Douglass, Aubry Threlkeld, Lisa Merriweather

graphic book cover Transformative learning in Healthcare and Helping Professions Education

Transformative Learning in Healthcare and Helping Professions Education:

Building Resilient Professional Identities

Edited by: Teresa J. Carter, Carrie J. Boden, Kathy Peno

Unfinished Business: Compelling Stories of Adult Student Persistence

Matt Bergman, Joann S. Olson and Associates

Leaps of Faith: Stories from Working-Class Scholars

Edited by: Anne C. Benoit, Joann S. Olson, Carrie Johnson

Mentoring in Formal and Informal Contexts

Edited by: Kathy Peno, Elaine M. Silva Mangiante, Rita A. Kenahan

Building Sustainable Futures for Adult Learners

Edited by: Jennifer K. Holtz, University of Arkansas at Little Rock Stephen B. Springer, Texas State University, Carrie J. Boden, Texas State University

Conversations about Adult Learning in Our Complex World

Edited by: Carrie J. Boden, Kathleen P. King

Developing and Sustaining Adult Learners

Edited by: Carrie J. Boden, Kathleen P. King

Pathways to Transformation Learning in Relationship

Edited by: Carrie J. Boden, Sola M. Kippers