AHEA Conference Proceedings

Deliberately different encouraging individual and professional growth through constructed learning.

Part of the purpose of Adult Higher Education Alliance is to promote information sharing. We accomplish this through a few key actions specifically provided by AHEA. The first is our yearly-published book. The book series is accomplished through blind peer review, high standards, and an elite editing team. A second way we provide information sharing is through our yearly conferences. We found that our casual deliberately interactive approach provides a forum for practioners, students, and instructors to learn from each other while sharing their own insights—dialogue in action. A third avenue of sharing information is the proceedings you have before you.

It is nontraditional, but we believe that providing a forum for all of our conference presenters to share their information is important. We establish from the call for proposals to the final version of the proceedings a process that encourages growth. Feedback is provided in response to proposals. This provides authors an opportunity to improve their presentation skills and how information is shared. After a conference, presenters are provided an opportunity to submit manuscripts for conference proceedings. Through a blind review process, each author receives feedback from multiple persons on their submitted work. Our editorial team then works with authors to fine tune their documents. Our desire is to make the review and editing process a learning opportunity for the authors. We believe that by doing so, these persons will become stronger presenters and writers. Thus, learning through the experiences of call for proposals, presenting, writing, re-writing, and working with an editorial team.

We encourage you to mentor others through supportive learning opportunities that correspond with your expertise. What better way to provide robust adult education than through working along side others sharing expertise, knowledge and skill? For us, adult education occurs through service, sharing, and supporting.