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Orlando, Florida

March 10-11, 2016

The subject of much of the literature in the field of adult education has emerged as a result of asking a few basic questions: Who are adult learners in higher education, and how do they differ from traditional age college students? What are their barriers to participation? How to do they differ from traditional age students? What factors contribute to their success? What are their views and/or needs in terms of relationships, i.e. mentoring and advising? These basic questions beg to be reexamined in 2016 given the changes in programs for adult learners, technology access and use by adult learners, and individual and situational differences among learners.

The call for presentations for the AHEA 2016 Conference welcomes the following topics:

  • Current adult learner characteristics
  • Barriers to participation
  • Success factors
  • Advising adult learners
  • Support networks for adult learners
  • Formal advising and mentoring structures in higher education degree programs
  • Mentoring adult learners
  • Formal and informal mentoring relationships

Please be sure that your submission fits clearly into the narrative and/or list of topics in the stated theme.

* * * * * Proposal submission deadline: September 30, 2015 * * * * *

We look forward to your participation to help make the 40th Annual AHEA Conference even better than last year!

Best Wishes,
Brenda S. Thompson
AHEA Conference 2016 Chair
Thomas D. Cox
AHEA President

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