WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:  Feeling uninspired or stuck when it comes to your writing?  In this workshop, you will learn creativity coaching techniques to help you overcome your creative blocks, procrastination, self-doubt, and anxieties. 

This workshop is targeted to individuals who are struggling with procrastination, excessive criticism, perfectionism, distractions, self-sabotage, or endlessly delaying their writing.  Likely workshop participants might include professors who struggle to write academic journal articles, graduate students unable to finish their theses or dissertations, administrators who procrastinate and struggle to complete their reports, or educators who put off the professional writing assignments related to their jobs.


In Writing Fearlessly:  Coaching the Writer Within workshop, you’ll experience:

*A supportive learning environment designed to help you overcome your creative blocks and writer’s resistance

*A friendly and engaging workshop that affirms your right to write

*A setting designed to inspire you to take forward action on completing your writing projects

*What it feels like to remind yourself of your own genius 


In Writing Fearlessly:  Coaching the Writer Within workshop, you’ll learn:

*The six stages of the creative process

*How to recognize the anxieties associated with each stage

*The ways to identify the creative process stage or stages you are struggling with

*The appropriate solutions to help you overcome your own creative blocks, procrastination, self-doubt, and anxieties.

*7 Powerful questions to ask yourself to gain clarity regarding your writing

*2 Techniques for getting rid of all the “No’s”

*The value of a “free” pass and what those free passes should be

*5 things you should never say to yourself as a writer and what you should say instead 


Plus, you’ll learn:

*About a host of books, websites, materials, and resources (60+) to help you successfully (now and in the future!) coach the writer within

*How to get out of your own head and let it go

*How to arrive at your best writing ideas

*A motivational visualization technique that you can use again and again to bring your ideas to you

*How to put your chaotic mind in order

*Plus, there will be so much more…


Read what others are saying about this workshop:


“I just submitted my second manuscript since attending Dominique’s writing workshop. I am very happy about this! Both of these manuscripts had been stuck for a long time. The workshop has really, really helped my regular writing practice. I also have big writing goals for the summer (and smaller plans about how to accomplish them)! So grateful for this very helpful experience!”

  • Emily Rauschert, Assistant Professor of Plant Ecology, Cleveland State University


Remember the saying, “When the student is ready to learn, the teacher appears”? That is exactly what I think about every time I attend one of Dominique’s workshops: whatever my need at that particular moment — motivation, getting un-stuck or figuring out in which direction to take my work — Dominique always provides what I need to take the next step (either a breakthrough, validation, or much appreciated motivation and enthusiasm!). By the way, I would much rather these be called “creativity studios”, because “workshop” is an awfully boring and non-descriptive title for something so “alive”! Can’t recommend her work highly or strongly enough, especially for folks considering doing something new, but not sure what…

  • Patricia Goodson, Ph.D., Professor, Texas A&M University

“It was all so amazing. This was really amazing and informative.”

— Faculty Member, Workshop Participant