Happy Holidays! To all us who get our emails on our personal digital devices and not just at work, here is a reminder to get your proposals in for our 2017 conference in Orlando, Florida where it will be warm and sunny in March!
The theme for our conference is, “Writing Our Way: Giving Voice to Adult Learning.”
The conference takes place: March 9 & 10, 2017. There will be a pre-conference workshop on March 8
The conference will be held in Orlando, Florida on the campus of the University of Central Florida.
Please submit your proposal for a presentation at the conference: 2017 Call for Proposals
Another link to the Proposal Page: http://www.ahea.org/ahea-2017-annual-conference/
Proposal submission deadline December 30, 2016
Proposal acceptance decision January 15, 2017
Conference registration deadline for presenters February 15, 2017
Conference March 9-10, 2017
Submission deadline for conference proceedings papers April 15, 2017
Papers proofread and returned to authors for last review May 15, 2017
Final papers due June 15, 2017
Expected proceedings release date August 20, 2017 Notification
You will receive a message indicating receipt of your proposal when submitted.
You will also receive notification about the status of your proposal by January 15, 2017.
We are looking forward to receiving your submission. Please share this Call of Proposals with your colleagues and students.
Additionally, there will be two pre-conference workshops on March 8, 2017 presented by Dr. Dominique Chlup.
Be well.
David San Filippo, Ph.D.
President, Adult Higher Education Alliance (AHEA)
Clinical Director, BlueLine Support, Wounded Officers Initiative (WOI)