We have two fabulous keynote speakers lined up for the conference. Their information follows.

Friday Keynote

The Androidization of Andragogy in the Age of Short Memory

Elio DeArrudah, Ed.D. is a lifelong student of communities and populations that have been, deliberately or not, marginalized by mainstream society and its agents. He has observed that marginalization happens to be a phenomenon with multiple facets due to the variety of marginalizing, displacing, dis-empowering forces acting upon certain segments of society. Given our social nature, it is Dr. DeArrudah’s belief that no one chooses to be marginal to the human landscape. Therefore, whenever marginalization starts manifesting itself, it is always helpful to get the specific groups involved in the event to find out who are its beneficiaries and victims. Once such an exercise is done, neighborhood residents quickly figure out the next step in this journey toward the construct of a much more equitable environment for everyone to life. To a great extent, Dr. DeArrudah’s work has been focused precisely on this process in the outskirts of downtown Chicago for the last thirty years.

Elio DeArrudah is Treasurer of the Board at Prologue, Inc. and Board President at Universidad Popular, Chicago, IL.

Saturday Keynote

Kathleen P. King, EdD, is professor and past chair of the department of Leadership, Counseling, Adult, Career and Higher Education at University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Kathy’s major areas of research and expertise include transformative learning, instructional technology innovations, leadership, international education, faculty development, and diversity. The International Continuing and Adult Education Hall of Fame recognized Dr. King’s outstanding contributions to adult and higher education with her 2011 induction. As an award winning author who has published 30 books, she is also a popular keynote and conference speaker, mentor, and professor. She has designed and built several online learning portals, programs, and courses since 1999, she and co-host Mark Gura have served over 6.5 million educators worldwide with their Teacher’s Podcast series. As an award winning author who has published over 30 books, a popular keynote and conference speaker, mentor, and professor, she is widely recognized for her research, service, and contribution to education by such groups as AERA, POD, NYACCE and UCEA. Most recently she was elected to her second term on the executive committee of the international Commission of Professors of Adult Education (CPAE) (2009-2011). Visit her website for contact and detailed information TransformationEd.com