We respectfully invite inquiries to serve as an editor for AHEA’s 2015 Conference proceedings. We strive to strengthen AHEA’s position as a beneficial research source for students, scholars and researchers in the field of adult and higher education.

Please submit a short biography that includes background information such as:

  • current position,
  • name of institution,
  • previous editorial experience.

Duties of editor for AHEA Conference proceedings:

  • Review papers, approximately 10 pages in length, in your research interests.
  • Provide helpful and insightful recommendations.
  • Return recommendations as scheduled.

Eligibility for becoming editor:

A doctorate is preferred with person having a position at an accredited academic institution.


Earned a masters degree OR currently enrolled in masters program


The applicant must be knowledgeable in his/her specific field of research.

If you have interest in becoming an editor for the conference proceedings, complete the form linked below. Your name will be posted to the Editors’ list of the published proceedings.

Please remember, review is the most important collaboration of the editor.

Conference Proceedings Editor's Application