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Adult Higher Education Alliance 2015 Annual Conference

“Adult and Higher Education in the Contemporary World:

Its Role in Cultural Literacy”

March 6 – 7, 2015

Call for Proposals

At the heart of the Adult Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) is our commitment to promote creative and effective teaching and learning opportunities for adults. Central to that mission is the goal of fostering a rich exchange of ideas about theories and practices relevant to our adult students and to our own development as professionals.

The annual conference of “The Alliance” has been an important opportunity for adult higher education professionals to share resources and information, to stimulate practitioner research, to become aware of work outside our own institutions, and, above all, to share ideas and experiences that help us critically reflect on our everyday activities.

Proposals that are selected will be organized in the best spirit of adult learning:

  • they will invite active participation and questioning,
  • they will be interactive,
  • they will enhance our work as scholars-practitioners, and
  • allow for a range of ideas and points of view to be expressed.

We look forward to several days of spirited conversation among colleagues, and to new ideas and practices that will strengthen our work with our students and with each other.

Proposal Criteria

  • Proposals can be workshop, discussion, collaborative workshop, and other creative modes of conveying the content related to the theme “Adult and Higher Education in the Contemporary World: Its Role in Cultural Literacy.”
  • Proposals can be submitted by one or more individuals.
  • Presenters must register and pay as conference attendees.
  • Specific time requests for presentations cannot be guaranteed. Persons submitting proposals must be available to present at any time throughout the event.


Proposal submission deadline December 15, 2014
Proposal acceptance decision January 15, 2015
Conference registration deadline for presenters January 30, 2015
Conference March 6-7, 2015
Submission deadline for conference proceedings papers April 15, 2015
Papers proofread and returned to authors for last review May 15, 2015
Final papers due June 15, 2015
Expected proceedings release date August 20, 2015



You will receive a message indicating receipt of your proposal when submitted.


You will receive notification about the status of your proposal by January 15, 2015.

Registration Fees

All session facilitators at the conference are responsible for the appropriate conference registration fees, travel, and hotel expenses. Please be sure all individuals in your proposal have this information and can be available to present at any time throughout the event. Conference Registration deadline for presenters is January 30, 2015.


AHEA offers Scholarships for those attending our annual conference.

Final Reminders

  • Please complete all fields including information pertaining to all additional facilitators.
  • Please include links to supplemental materials, if available.
  • Please remember that by submitting a proposal, you agree to register and pay conference fees if the proposal is accepted and inform your co-facilitators about the proposal’s status and the need for all facilitators to pay the conference registration fees by January 30, 2015.