Adult and Higher Education in the Contemporary World:

Its Role in Cultural Literacy

Orlando, Florida

March 6-7, 2015

AHEA 2015 Conference Theme and Tracks

Adult and Higher Education in the Contemporary World:
It’s Role in Cultural Literacy

Adult and Higher Education counts more than ever in the era of globalization characterized by rapid change, world integration and technological advances.

Learning empowers adults when they gain the knowledge and skills to better their lives and benefits their families, communities and societies. Adult and higher education plays an influential role in providing a context of empowerment in many settings to address societal issues. Education for adults plays a crucial role in increasing literacy in its many forms, reducing poverty, improving health and nutrition, and promoting sustainable environmental practices. The question for education practitioners becomes, “How do adult education and higher education best equip adults to be engaged participants in this contemporary world?”

The AHEA 2015 conference seeks to engage a dialogue to address this question within three broad frames.

  1. Approaches in Adult Education & Higher Education in defining literacy broadly to address local, national, and world knowledge needs.
  2. Global perspectives on contemporary adult and higher education issues
  3. Adult teaching and learning practices in higher education, workplace, and community contexts.

Conference Structure
Three concurrent sessions throughout the conference schedule will be offered lasting one hour each. The sessions/presentations should have interaction and dialogue as the structural focus.

Projectors and screens will be provided, so bring your presentation in PowerPoint or some other electronic format saved on a thumb drive or virtually stored.

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The AHEA Conference 2015 is made possible, in part, by those that support our efforts. Take the time to thank them and talk with their representatives about their organizations and products.


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