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Seeking Participating Organizations

My colleagues, Deanna Sands, Ted Kalmus, and I’ve had our book, Learning for All: Programs that ensure equitable adult learning, accepted for publication by the Adult Higher Education Alliance’s annual book series. The book will be published in 2022. This book will highlight stories from a national sample of six organizations as exemplars of how adult education in all its forms – from adult basic education through technical training, non-profit organizations, and universities – can succeed with diverse populations. We’re seeking those six organizations now. The organizations who tell their stories in the book will have histories of success in serving diverse populations while looking at moments of challenge as opportunities for reflection and adaptation. The book’s editors will consult and work closely with each participating organization to conduct a comprehensive self-study of the organization’s systems and practices and then to help each organization write their resulting story. Having each organization tell its own story is important because those involved in the work and those involved in being educated by the work can best describe what this work is like. The organization’s self-study will be based on a comprehensive organizational equity framework provided by the book’s editors.

Please pass along names and contact information of leaders within organizations whom you feel would be interested in this opportunity.

Interested organizations can reach us at:

Bob Hughes, Ed.D.

Deanna Iceman Sands, Ed.D.

Ted Kalmus, M.A., M.P.A.


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March 11 & 12, 2021
Transformational Learning
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